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Summer time fun!

That’s right, it’s finally summer! Get your kids out of the house and enjoy the sun with some color! PurColour products can come in many colors and are perfect for outdoor activities. Foam, Paint, Colored Powder and more can help kick off your summer fun! Use our products for your cities festivals, for your own […]

School isn’t over yet!

In case you didn’t know, PurColour has a variety of products that we are sure we can find something for you! The amount of ideas we have heard back from our costumers about how they used PurColour are endless! From colored powder, to paint, to much more find what works for you and what color. Schools […]

PurColour brightens your classroom

PurColour is here to help your school. We sell a lot of products that would be great for your classroom. They can help to keep your students interested and entertained while also teaching them! Creativity in the classroom is so important for students to help keep their attention. With PurColour products, your students will forget […]

PurColour sells everywhere!

PurColour has officially sold to EVERY STATE in the U.S!! We will ship to you no matter where you are. PurColour is working with the best to make sure we can get you the cheapest shipping  prices and as well as getting it to you as fast as possible! We work hard to make sure […]


PurColour is now selling colored Oobleck! This is such a fun product that will keep you entertained for hours. You have to see this product that transforms from liquid to solid in a matter of seconds! Kids will have a blast playing with Oobleck! Better yet, get your whole house involved in the fun with […]

Holi Festival!

Holi Festival

  This year the Holi Festival, one of the oldest Hindu Festivals, starts on March 12th. The Holi Festival is known as the Festival of colors. During this Festival there are various colors thrown on each other, there are bands with drums, and it is a symbol of good over evil. This Festival also comes […]

More ways to use PurColour powder!

Fralinger String Band - Mummers Parade 2017

Fralinger String Band – Mummers Parade 2017 We love hearing back from our customers and the different uses they had for our powder. In this case we didn’t just hear about it but we watched it live on television and I’m sure you did too! The Fralinger String Band used PurColour powder, more specifically – […]

Happy Holidays!

Stuck in the house from a snow day and need craft ideas? Look no further because PurColour has a solution for you! Get colored powder and let the ideas flow! Purcolour has a variety of colors to choose from and will even custom make a color to fit your needs! So don’t let that stop […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from us to you! Using PurColour Paints, you can make your pumpkins better than ever! No need to carve your pumpkins this year – instead you can paint them! Painting your pumpkin can be a great way to design your pumpkins without the mess! Get PurColours UV Party Paint and watch your pumpkins […]

Back to School

Just like that summer is almost over which means school events are closing in! Anywhere from a back-to-school function to a school fundraiser. Throwing an event with PurColour products within your school is a great way to get your students involved. PurColour has colored powder that will make your event one to remember. We can […]

Brighter and Better!

Pink Foam Station at Color the Quads 2016

PurColour has improved our FOAM! Now our foam keeps its color longer! Better yet, our foam is more colorful too! So, keep your foam colorful and long lasting with PurColour!   Visit us at www.PurColour.com Contact Us: By Phone: 720-287-0057 By Email: celebrate@purcolour.com — Follow us on Facebook! #purcolour        

School Spirit

School Sprit | Color Powder Toss

School is now fully under way and that means sports are in full swing too! Football season may be half way through the season and it’s time to really rally around them! PurColour makes that possible with our products! We will customize to what you want! Get powder or other products with your schools colors […]

Pikes Peak of Expeditionary Learning

PurColour Color Powder Pike Peak

A great way to fundraise for your school is to have your own “color run”.  Pikes Peak of Expeditionary Learning’s PTO sponsored their run as their big fundraiser. Participants were showered with colored powder and color stations.  Color Blasters with glitter powder added a fun way to start each wave  of runners.   They charged […]

Terp Thon

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Fundraise today with PurColour products! We will make it easier than ever. Just call us today and let us know what you need to make your event brighter! The University of Maryland holds an event called the Terp Thon that raises funds and awareness for […]

Glitter Products!

Don’t miss out on the biggest new thing- glitter products! PurColour has Glitter powder and Glitter Purfetti! We can add glitter to any of our colors. Celebration Powder is very popular because it can enhance your race/walk, birthday party, fundraiser/charity, school event, sporting event, gender reveal party, and more. Call and get your products today, […]


PurColour Color Powder Run for Jody

Fundraising is hard work so why not make it easier with PurColour products! Everyone needs to fundraise – whether it’s for your school, your family, your sports team, your band, your church, or much more; fundraising is a great way to help out. This year make fundraising easy by putting a race/walk together with your […]

Military Color Powder Events

PurColour Colour Powder MWR

Your Military base can have fun too! We have heard back from some awesome Military bases that loved our products! Have your base put on an event that your whole family can enjoy! The MWR have had a lot of success with their events and you can too! Contact us and let us know what you […]

Sports Illustrated

PurColour Color Powder Sports Illustrated Cover

The U.S.A Women’s soccer team used PurColour to help promote their team and their upcoming games! Many different companies are using ways to promote their product in a more fun way using our powder! Sports Illustrated used red, white and blue but we can customize to any color you need! We love to see all […]

Project Runway

PurColour is excited to see our product being used by so many people! This time Project Runway got creative with our products. Using our powder they were able to make your television screen flash with color. Now, what is more is more eye catching then that?! Not only was it good for their advertising but […]

Toyota gets Colorful!

PurColour Color Powder - Toyota

Toyota got creative using PurColour Powder. Using multi colors to make their advertising more fun and eye catching for their viewers. Using color to help promote your product can be more fun for your business. Not only is it more fun but can get the attention from everyone which is exactly what your commercial needs […]

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