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Pikes Peak of Expeditionary Learning

PurColour Color Powder Pike Peak

A great way to fundraise for your school is to have your own “color run”.  Pikes Peak of Expeditionary Learning’s PTO sponsored their run as their big fundraiser. Participants were showered with colored powder and color stations.  Color Blasters with glitter powder added a fun way to start each wave  of runners.   They charged a fee for the students and received many donations as well.

Color Run Tosses ‘Fun’ Into Fundraiser

This is a great event for a school. It’s an easy and fun way to raise money. The kids really enjoy themselves while they get in some physical activity!

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Color powder (holi powder, celebration powder) provided by purcolour for fundraiser event school color run.


Color powder (holi powder, celebration powder) provided by purcolour purple glitter color blaster at start.


Fun run group picture with PurColour color powder (holi) grade school fundraiser.



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