Frequently Asked Questions – Party Paint Concentrate

Q:        Is Party Paint Safe?

A:         PurColour Party Paint is designed for entertainment purposes only.  It is not designed to paint your house.  Party Paint is non-toxic and skin friendly.

Q:       Can I eat or drink the Party Paint?

A:         NO, NO, NO!  Please don’t eat or drink the paint.  It is not intended for consumption.

Q:        Is Party Paint washable?

A:        Our paint is designed for easy cleanup however; proper precautions should be taken for both indoor and outdoor venues.  We suggest black plastic sheeting for walls and flooring.  Please keep in mind, paint may stain clothing, light surfaces, natural stone, concrete pavement and pavers.

Q:        How should it be mixed?

A:        Our paint concentrate is highly concentrated.  We recommend mixing 1: 3 ratio concentrate/water.  Mix with a paint paddle attached to a drill.  A 5 gallon concentrate will make at a minimum 20 gallons ready to use paint.

Q:        How can you estimate how much paint concentrate I will need?

A:         We provide estimates based on number of participants. We recommend a minimum of 5 gallons of mixed ready to use paint for every 50 participants.  If you expect 500 participants, you will need 100 gallons of mixed ready to use paint.  This translates to 5 gallons of PurColour Parity Paint Concentrate.

Q:        Should I use party paint indoors or outdoors?

A:        Our product can be used indoors and outdoors.  Keep in mind, you need to prepare your venue with slip resistant floor material and should use plastic to cover any surface that may come in contact with paint.  Our paint is designed to wash off of skin and hair and many materials. However, it can leave mild stains on certain porous materials.

Q:        Does paint concentrate stain?

A:         Our paint is designed to wash off of skin and hair and many materials. However, it can leave mild stains on certain porous materials. Normal liquid dish detergent and/or de-greaser will remove foam residue.  Power washers also assist in the removal of foam residue from paved areas.

The paint pigments have poor light fast qualities, which mean the color fades when exposed to outdoor light and sunlight.  This characteristic is typically desirable for outdoor events as the color will to degrade after usage.

Q:        Is the paint concentrate environmental friendly?

A:         Our paint is water based and the pigments used for color are non-toxic.

Q:        Can we request a custom color?

A:         Custom UV reflective colors are not available for paint.

Q:        What does FD&C stand for?

A:         FD&C stands for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics.  

Q:        Is paint concentrate made with FD&C colorants.

A:         No.  Our paint concentrate is not made using FD&C colors.  

Q:        Is party paint concentrate regulated?

A:         No. 

Q:       Are there any FD&C colorants that are fluorescent or glow in the dark?

A:         There are NO fluorescent or glow in the dark color additives approved for FOOD usage.  However, there are colorants approved for cosmetic usage.

Fluorescent colors: Only the following fluorescent colors are approved for use in cosmetics, and there are limits on their intended uses: D&C Orange No. 5, No. 10, and No. 11; and D&C Red No. 21, No. 22, No. 27, and No. 28 [21 CFR 74.2254, 74.2260, 74.2261, 74.2321, 74.2322, 74.2327, and 74.2328].

Below is a link to the FDA standards and usage restrictions.;sid=3f8eeb94361e55829ab4b4b06a9480c7;rgn=div6;view=text;node=21%3A1.;idno=21;cc=ecfr

Glow-in-the-dark colors: Luminescent zinc sulfide is the only approved glow-in-the-dark color additive (cosmetics) [21 CFR 73.2995] and there are limits and restrictions to use.

Below is a link to the FDA standards and usage restrictions.

Our party paint is intended for use only on limited, infrequent occasions and not for regular or daily use.

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