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Fralinger String Band - Mummers Parade 2017

Fralinger String Band – Mummers Parade 2017

We love hearing back from our customers and the different uses they had for our powder. In this case we didn’t just hear about it but we watched it live on television and I’m sure you did too!

The Fralinger String Band used PurColour powder, more specifically – Blasters, during their performance in the 2017 SugarHouse Mummers Parade. The Fralingers use of our powder made their performance stand out! With all the colors in the air how could they not get everybody’s attention there?!

This link is The Fralingers performance in the 2017 SugarHouse Mummers Parade.

The Fralingers performance




The Fralingers took second in this parade!! They are a great group full of energy. They’re one of the most consistent prize winners over the last 25 years with taking first place 18 times. Some of the parades they have been involved in are: Mardi Gras, Baseball Hall of Fame Parade and Walt Disney World SpectroMagic Parade!

After watching this video I hope it gives you ideas of how you can use our products. From Marching Bands, Flag teams and Riffle teams, to sporting events and 5k races and everything in between we hope our products can work for you.

PurColour products are better than ever going into 2017 and we can’t wait to hear how our products brightened your day! J

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Philly Mummers


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