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Gender Reveal Kit | Color Powder


Gender reveal kit contains 1 lb. of blue color powder, 1 lb. of pink color powder and 1 (75 gram) bag of a neutral color.  The neutral color is for a test run before the big reveal.


Next to announcing “I’m pregnant!”, revealing if it’s a boy or girl is big news … so why not find a creative way to share it? Whether you’re looking for a climactic end to your gender reveal party or just a clever photo or message to fill people in, there are plenty of ways to broadcast your baby’s sex that will make this moment all the more memorable.

Using the old “blue” for boy and “pink” for girl code, couples can reveal a baby’s gender using PurColour color powder.  One of the most popular gender reveals is using a hollow wiffle/softball  filled with the gender color.  A metal bats works best.

Our gender reveal kit contains 1 lb of pink color powder, 1 Lb of blue color powder and 1 individual 75 gram bag of color powder for testing.

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Color Powder Gender Reveal


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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