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Need to Fundraise?

There are many ways to fundraise, but why not make fundraising more fun with color?! PurColour is happy to help many different organizations, families, teams and much more with fundraising. Many different races that are associated with fundraisers use their desired colors. Fundraising with powder is a great way to have fun while supporting a […]

Football, Students and Celebration Powder

This year PurColour was excited to sell our Celebration Powder to many High Schools. Mikiah Azarcon, from Bishop Amat High School said, “During our football season we bought powder from PurColour for every game and used it to celebrate with the school’s student section”. We love hearing back from customers to see how well they […]

PurColour introduces AfterDark™ Party Paint

 PurColour now offers AfterDark party paint that fluoresces (glows) under ultra violet lighting.  Under normal daylight, AfterDark paint colors are bright neon.  AfterDark party paint is non-toxic and water based.    Our AfterDark Party Paint fluoresces (glows) under ultra violet and LED lighting. Under normal daylight, AfterDark paint colors are bright neon.  AfterDark party paint […]

Neon is back! PurColour introduces PurNeon™

PurNeon is celebration powder in vivid neon colors.  Colors available are pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and violet.  PurNeon is made with non-toxic pigments.  PurNeon is great for any event that extend all day and into twilight and evening hours.  In daylignt, PurNeon is bright and vivid.  At night, under UV lighting, PurNeon will fluoresce […]

Are you ready to celebrate AfterDark™?

PurColour AfterDark expands your celebration into the night with celebration powder which fluoresces under ultraviolet light. AfterDark comes in seven colors; pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple. In daylight, these colors are intense neon.  Order a sample kit today and experience pure fun anytime and everywhere. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!  #purcolour […]

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