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Winter Colored Powder Fun!

This winter don’t let the snow and cold keep you inside. Instead, embrace the snow and keep having fun outside. A color 5k is a great fundraiser and its a great way to get your friends in the community together. Fundraising and fun should not take the winter off.


A Holiday themed color 5k with PurColour powder
A Holiday themed color 5k with PurColour powder!

In most of the country, the winter is the perfect time for a run. And there is no better way to make your run more exciting then to play with our color products.

Christmas themed colored powder is easy to get your hands on. We have green, we have red, we have neon green and neon red. You make stencils like below, or dye your favorite ugly sweater with exciting color. Or come up with your own fun idea.

PurColour made our own stencil and decorated the parking lot with color. How cool is that!

In the winter the snow is a perfect canvas for our colored powder. And it cleans right up along with the snow. A cheap and easy decoration you don’t have to keep in your storage room year after year, or plug in and raise your bills like crazy.  This is something the whole block will be jealous of.

Call or Email us anytime this winter and we will be happy to advise you on setting up a winter fundraiser like no other or the best way to decorate your snow for the holiday.

It is fun and easy to turn your plain white snow to a rainbow of fun! Your kids will love this.


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