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PurColour all natural coca butter

PurColour | All natural Food and Ingredients

Did you know PurColour has an all natural no preservative food and ingredients business unit?  We have all natural food colorants and ingredients that are used by manufactures, artisans and home users.   You can purchase our products from through our national distributors.

Our all natural cocoa butters are used  several artisan  chocolatiers, including Flying Noir, based in California.  Karen Urbanek is the owner and artisan behind Flying Noir  chocolates.  She has own several awards and titles including, Forbes.com #1 Finest Chocolate Truffles for Chocolate Lovers award.

Karen is a micro batch artisan.  All chocolates are hand painted and unique.  Made from the best chocolate available.  Her work is amazing.  She is also an established and well know painter.  Her chocolates are mini pieces of art.

Please visit her website and you will not be disappointed.

PurColour all natural coca butter

Flying Noir - PurColour All Natural Food and Ingredients


Did you know chocolate could be so beautiful?

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PurColour All Natural Colored Cocoa Butters

PurColour all natural colored cocoabutters

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