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The average kid spends less than seven minutes a day playing outside. How did that happen?

Remember running around outside when you were a kid? We do too. But then something happened.

Today, the average kid spends less than seven minutes a day outside in unstructured play. That’s dramatically less than any generation before. What’s worse, the time they spend in front of a screen has ballooned to more than seven hours a day.

It’s an eye-opening problem that most people can rally against. Because it’s pretty well documented that spending time outdoors is critical to the health of kids and their mental, physical, and emotional development. It’s also important that we raise the next generation of stewards to watch over and take care of our outdoor places.

That’s why Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) set the ambitious goal of changing an entire generation of kids by connecting them to the outdoor world. This led to the launch of Generation Wild, a research-led, multiyear campaign designed to spark a movement that would reconnect kids to the outdoor world.

Are you looking for ideas for and outdoor activity that can be shared with friends, physical exercise and load of laugher and fun?  How about a color dash in your neighborhood?  Your dash could be a lap around a few blocks and friends and family can volunteer at mini color stations, where everyone get a splash of color.

Get outside, get active and bring back fun!

Color Fun!

Visit https://www.generationwild.com for more wonderful ideas to learn more.

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