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Color Powder Safety

PurColour is committed to producing products that are safe, fun and environmentally friendly. We provide entertainment color products to professional race series, festivals, military, schools, charities and non-professional events. Our products have been used in thousands of events with more than 1,000,000 participants and spectators.

PurColour is based in Colorado. Our color powder is manufactured by us and only us in the USA, following Good Manufacturing Practices. We are committed to continuous improvement process with our products, services and production methods.  We ensure quality control by following Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.)


PurColour Color Powder  is nonflammable as a dust layer.  PurColour Color Powder contains natural food grade fire retardant material and natural non-flammable inert food grade material in a proprietary blend that dramatically reduces the risk of an explosion in a dust cloud at certain concentrations. The product has been manufactured to meet Standard VDI 2263 Dust Fires and Dust Explosions Hazards — Assessment — Protective Measures Test Methods for the Determination of the Safety Characteristic of Dusts meaning the powder has been manufactured and tested to be non-explosive under certain test conditions and concentrations required by the standard, containing ingredients for explosion prevention and protection. “No” (no dust explosibility) is a very far reaching statement which can only be made if either no exothermic reaction is possible owing to the chemistry of the substance or if exhaustive tests on fine dust in a closed apparatus have not shown any characteristic pressure build up.

Click on link to view or purchase the Standard, click on link Standard VDI 2263 Dust and Dust Explosions Standards.

PurColour has produced demonstrations of flammability testing using the most extreme real life usage situations.   The most extreme conditions with the use of PurColour color powder, is a high temperature, high concentration, and a high velocity color powder distribution. This is an atypical and non-expected  usage with professional execution and informed usage.   The demonstration is an example of extreme conditions.

Click on Link to view PurColour Color Powder Flare Demonstration (Low/High Velocity)

Click on Link to view PurColour Color Powder Open Flame Demonstration using Propane Torch (Low/High Velocity)

Out of an abundance of caution, prudent usage indicates avoidance of open lights, flames, smoking materials, hot coals of any type or welding in area of product.


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