Team Colors

Celerate your team sprit with your school or club colors.  We can match most custom color blends.  Below are samples of custom blends that are available.

Navy Celebration Powder-17

Navy Blue

Tar Heel Blue Celebration Powder-6

Tar Heel Blue

Dark California  Blue Celebration Powder-1

Dark California Blue

Air Force Blue Celebration Powder-3

Air Force Blue

Teal Celebration Powder-5


Brown Celebration Powder Brown

Camouflage Yellow Celebration Powder-16

Camouflage Yellow

Army Green Celebration Powder-24 Army Green 

Crimson Celebration Powder-9 Crimson

Tan Celebration Powder-18 Tan

Spring Green Celebration Powder-21Spring Green 

Purple Celebration Powder-8Dark Purple

Dark Purple Celebration Powder-7


Non Metalic Gold Celebration Powder

Non Metalic Gold

Non Metalic Silverm-13Non Metalic Silver

Slime Green Celebration Powder-22

Slime Green



Dark Grey Celebration Powder-12 Dark Grey



Black Celebration Powder-4 Black


Hot Pink Celebration PowderHot Pink 

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