AfterDark™ Party Paint

We offer concentrated AfterDark party paint that fluoresces (glows) under ultra violet lighting.  Under normal daylight, AfterDark paint colors are bright neon.  AfterDark party paint is non-toxic and water based.   PurColour recommends the use of sun glasses or goggles during usage.

Our paint is designed for easy cleanup however; proper precautions should be taken for both indoor and outdoor venues.  We suggest black plastic sheeting for walls and flooring.  Please keep in mind, paint may stain clothing, light surfaces, natural stone, concrete pavement and pavers.

Our concentrated paint is available in 5 gallon pails. Recommended usage is minimum 1: 3 ratio concentrate/water.  A 5 gallons pail of concentrate will make a minimum of 20 gallons.  We suggest mixing concentrate paint and water with paddle drill attachment in a 30 – 45 gallon plastic trash container.

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