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Mashup Your Color Event!

Color the Quads 2016 Orange foam

More options, more color, more fun!

Mashup your color stations by mix and match our colored foam, paint, glitter, blasters and POWDER!  More options, more color, more fun!

Call us and we can assist you with planning your event.  All PurColour products are made in the USA with the highest standards for safety and quality.  We also have dedicated customer support M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MST.

Check out some of our customers who used multiple products at their event.

Travis Air Force Base – 2016

Travis Air Force Base Colored Foam Finish mashup

Click here to view Rockin 5K highlights!

Color the Quads – 2016

Color the Quads 2016 Orange foam mashup

Color the Quads Yellow Powder Station mashup

Color the Quads 2016 mashup

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