Dry Co-Packaging and Private Label Capacity

PurColour has dry co-packaging and private label capacity for non-food items. Our VFFS, vertical form fill and seal packaging machine, can produce custom bag sizes from 50 to 150 gram bags.

Co-packaging refers to a customer’s proprietary formulation, which PurColour produces under a contractual agreement. The customer retains all rights to, and ownership of the proprietary formula. In fact, as part of the process, PurColour signs a non-disclosure agreement forbidding us to produce or share the customer’s formulation without prior approval. In this process, the customer is given the option to source his ingredients and prepay for them or request PurColour to do so. PurColour will charge a co-packing fee which will vary from project to project.

Private labeling refers to PurColour manufacturing a product of its own formulation, and then packaging it under the customer’s private label. In some cases PurColour may develop a private label formula exclusively for a customer or adjust a current formula to suit the customers’ needs. In either case, under a private label agreement, PurColour retains ownership on the formula, sources & procures the ingredients and then produces the product.

Contact us to discuss your co-packaging and private label project.

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