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Colors of Cancer | Awareness with Color!

What each color represents

Colors of Cancer

Ribbons have been a traditional method for showing support and awareness to many issues and causes.   Many cancer fundraising organizations and events incorporate the use of color for branding and easy recognition.

Color Fun Runs are a great way to fundraise and engage your community.  If you are new to color fun runs, give us a ring and we can help you plan yours.  You can also register and manage your event from our site.   Click Register my Race for registration toolkit.  Register my Race.

Would you like a celebration of color at your event?  PurColour can custom blend any color and provide you with individual bags, bulk or color blasters for your event.  The individual bags can be used during a group color toss or as event favors for your guests and participants.

What each color represents
Color of Cancer
Teal powder at Sandy Sprint 55
Sandy Sprint 5K
Pink color powder at Breast Cancer event
Breast Cancer Event


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