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Alternative to Fireworks on Fourth of July | Fire Free and Family Friendly!

No Fireworks Allowed

Fireworks are a patriotic staple in Fourth of July celebrations, but they’re cause for concern. You’re causing a giant flammable object to explode for sheer joy. After a full day celebrating in the sun, potentially even a few beers, and what could possibly go wrong? Between the safety hazards and the toxicity to the air, it’s no wonder many states and have banned fireworks. If you violate these bans, you may face a hefty fine and/or face jail time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Ditch the fireworks and try one of these safer, colorful alternatives instead

  • Color Toss with Color Powder

A color toss is a scheduled moment in time, when a group of people toss color into the air.  Depending on your venue or size of your group, you can celebrate once or every 15 minutes during an hour.  The bigger the group, the more fun.  PurColour offers the largest selection of color powder available.  We even have UV reactive colors, which glow under black light.  We offer bulk and individual 75 gram bags.

alternative to banned fireworks
PurColour Color Toss
  • Color Blasters

Color Blasters are dry fire extinguishers which are filled with our color powder.  Once the pin is pulled and trigger pressed, you will get 15 seconds of color blast.  Our experience shows, young children prefer the color blaster over sparklers! Parents and young adults also can share the fun with Blasters.

  • Water Gun Painting

Fill water guns or squeeze bottles with PurColour party paint and let the kids loose.  Don’t limit the paint to canvas.  Have participants to wear white t shirts and have a paint fight.

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