Bagging Service

We offer a bagging service, as an option, for individual packets of Celebration Powder.  The bags are filled with 1/2 cup celebration powder (approximately 75 grams).  Our standard bags are 6” x 8” clear poly bags which are heat sealed.  One pound of Celebration Powder yields (6) 75 gram bags

The bagging service is $.50 per bag.  The cost covers bags, labor and packaging.

When you place an order, you will order in bulk and indicate how many individual bags required.  For example, you can request 500 lbs. and ask for 500 bags.

The cost breakdown would be:

       500 x $7.00 = $3,500

+     500 x .$50  =  $250

Total                     $3750

This example would breakdown to 416 lbs. in bulk and 84 lbs. in individual bags.  

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