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Have a Colour Fight with DYI Biodegradable Colour Packs

Looking for a fun project with the kids over summer break?  How about a neighborhood color fight? First, you must make your color packs using spring roll skins and PurColour powder.


You will want to prepare a drying area by lining the area with foil.  Wet a spring roll skin in warm water.  Place on foil.  Fill the spring roll skin with ½ Cup PurColour Powder.


Gently, fold spring roll skin horizontal and then vertically to create square pack.  Make sure the seams are sufficiently wetted to seal completely.   Transfer color pack to drying area and place on foil.  Drying process typically takes 12 – 24 hours, depending on room temperature and humidity.


You will turn the packs over half way thru the drying process.  You will know it is ready to turn when the exposed size has completely hardened.Once dried, gather all your friends and have a fun color fight.  Please note, you may want to use eye protection, depending on how aggressive the participation.

Click on the link to view video for instructions and what to expect.


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