PurFetti FAQ

Q:       What is in PurFetti?

A:        PurFetti is made from potato starch and is colored with FD&C colorants.  PurFetti Shimmer is made from potato starch and is colored with Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide.

Q:       Is PurFetti biodegradable?

A:        PurFetti 100% biodegradable, and water soluble.  

Q:       Can I use PurFetti indoors?

A:        PurFetti is designed for outdoor usage.  PurFetti can be used in doors, but should not be used during pyrotechnics or exposed to extreme heated environments (stage lighting).

Q:       How to I clean up after use?

A:        Just clean with a water hose or turn on the sprinklers.  It will quickly dissolve.  For heavy usage during a parade, a street sweeper will pick up the majority of the PurFetti.

  Q:       Will PurFetti stain?

A:        PurFetti is designed not to stain.  Normal washing conditions apply.  We recommend PurFetti Shimmer for weddings and formal dress occasions.

Q:       Is PurFetti treated with fire retardant?

A:        No.  PurFetti is non-fire retardant.

Q:       Is PurFetti safe for wild life?

A:        PurFetti is safe for all wild life.  PurFetti is made from potato starch and colored with FD&C colorants and minerals.

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