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UV Foam Liquid Colorant

UV Foam
Liquid Colorant

Enhance your foam party with our NEW glow foam liquid colorant in 6 different colors!

Color Foam
Lowest Pricing in the USA!

  • Most orders ship within 24 hours
  • In stock and proudly made in the USA!
  • Select your colors and quantities
  • 6 Colors to choose from
  • Neon colors are great for daytime and glow under UV lights for night events!
  • PurColour matches any competitor’s reasonable price.
All Day Color & All Night Fun!

UV Foam Powder

UV Foam Powder

Enhance your foam party with our glow foam powder!


Take your upcoming event to a new level of fun with either our New UV color foam liquid colorant in 6 colors or our UV color green powder. Fun for all ages, our vivid colors produce memorable imagery for your event to that will make it stand out. Great for day and night time activities!

Our products are safe, eco-friendly and easy to use. They can be used for all types of events like color fun runs, gender reveals, color battles, music festivals, charity fundraising & awareness, and sporting events

Mix and match your color event with our other colored powder and party paint products, too!

You can order products on our webstore or complete the PurColour Order Form  and Credit Card Authorization Form, to pay by phone and credit card.  Email the Credit Card Authorization to info@PurColour.com.  If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please call.  

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