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Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Ideas! From PurColour

PurColour & Celebration Powder Gender Reveals

Shop Now for a PurColour Gender Reveal Kit and More

PurColour has sold gender reveal kits for years now, selling our blue and pink celebration powder since the start of the craze!

What is a Gender Reveal?

A Gender Reveal is a fun way for a soon to be mother to discover and then show the sex of their new baby. All you need is something blue and something pink to present in a surprising way, and then someone to take a picture of your reaction. There are many exciting ideas for the event. The best ones, in our opinion, use PurColour colored powder! Below we have our best ideas for a gender reveal using the PurColour Gender Reveal Kit.

What We Offer

At PurColour we sell colored powders in all colors, and our colored powder is perfect for several gender reveal ideas. We sell a simple and easy gender reveal kit. A pound of pink powder and a pound of blue powder, along with one of our individual bags of powder with another color to test and help with your planning.  But you can order as much or as little powder as you need. We will be happy to accommodate any size order.

Gender Reveal Ideas

There are a few really great ideas for a gender reveal with our powder. Below are a few pictures of the best ones. For advice on the gender reveal, email us, info@purcolour.com, but looking at other gender reveals on YouTube will be the most helpful thing you can do.

Baseball and other sports Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal with PurColour Neon Pink Powder
Filling a ball with our colored powder is by far the most popular reveal type.

Tannerite Gender Reveal Explosion

Tannerite Gender Reveal
When you combine our powder with Tannerite and shoot it with a gun it causes an explosion! Be Careful though!

Gender Reveal With a Car Exhaust

PurColour Gender Reveal using a car
Car Enthusiast Take Note! You can rev up the engine of your favorite car and shoot our colored powder from your exhaust.

PurColour Color Blaster Gender Reveal

PurColour Blaster Gender Reveal
We can send you a Pre-Filled Color Blaster and at 3…2…1..Go! You can have a the most photogenic Gender Reveal you can ask for.

PurColour has the cheapest color 5k and Holi Powder on the market. Our Celebration Powder comes in all colors, neon or traditonal. And therefore is perfect for the cheapest and most spectacular gender reveals! Call or email us today!



PurColour and The Philadelphia Mummers Parade

PurColour and The Philadelphia Mummers Parade

With Color Blasters

This past New Year, as tradition The Philadelphia Mummers Parade was held despite frigid temperatures. The parade has been going strong for 118 years. In the parade “Mummers” dressed up in colorful, elaborate outfits, play music, dance, shout and sing. Recently, we have seen a trend of adding our Color Blasters to the event. Our color blasters add a fun use of color in coordination with the routines.

This year Fralinger String Marching Band selected “Movie Chromatic” as the theme of their performance.  You get to follow the visionary director as he dreams of using color to enhance cinematic masterpieces. Storyboards of future projects are increasingly saturated with splashes of color. Building a concept to become a box office sensation, he launches into production with a pocket full of dreams and the desire to land a silver screen success.  Fralinger performs songs from movie musicals including West Side Story, Singing in the Rain and Mary Poppins.

Congratulations to everyone involved including: Captain Scott Wray, Presentation Director Jeff Crompton, Music Director Shawn Decky, and Arranger John Wernega.



Fralinger String Band 2018 Mummers Parade.
Fralinger String Band 2018 Mummers Parade.




View performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLpfUnsdaWY

Check out Fralinger String Band http://fralinger.org/


Awareness Awarness Fund Raising Holi

2017 Great Pictures! From PurColour

Great Pictures of the 2017 Year

These are a couple pictures from our Great customers!

All of these great pictures are with our PurColour powder

2017 was another great year for having fun in color! At the end of the year we try to get a quick collection of fun with color powder. Please, if you have any pictures with PurColour powder go to our Facebook or look us up on Instagram, #purcolour. We see great pictures every year and the more we pictures we get the more these great events continue to grow.

We love our customers as they continue to inspire, fundraising for a good cause, becoming closer as a community, and promoting better physical health, all with color!

We hope to see more pictures soon as we look forward to more everyday!


Gender reveal with Pink powder
What an explosive gender reveal! Congrats! #purcolour


Reconnect4Autism with neon blue and green
ReConnect4Autism having another great color fundraiser. #purcolour


Color toss finale using purcolour indiciual color bags
A great picture within the color toss war zone! #purcolour


PurColour powder at a 5k fun with excersie
A picture of Championship effort, with a smile, and a blue face. #purcolour


PurColour Orange powder
A picture of volunteers making sure everyone has plenty of orange. #purcolour


These are just a small amount of the pictures. While browsing the internet the amount of fantastic color powder photos. Have a weekend in 2018 you will always remember with PurColour powder.




Interesting Photo Shoot Idea from PurColour

Interesting Photo Shoot Idea from PurColour

We have seen an exciting new trend in photo shoots! PurColour Celebration and UV/Neon powder exploding to make your photo stand out!

PurColour has an interesting Photo Shoot Idea. No more boring photo shoots! It is time to use our colored powder to make a typical boring photo shoot into an exciting memorable experience.

Our Colored powder is usually used for Holi celebrations, a “Holi” Celebration is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”. Or used for a Color 5k, a great fundraiser that encourages exercise and community.

Either way, at Holi or a color 5k, you need to bring your camera to take pictures of the brilliant colors thrown in the air and your colorful face when the powder lands on you! It is the perfect event to take your selfie stick!


But, you do not need to be at an actual event to have fun with our powder!

Our powder has been used in countless photo shoots! Any photo shoot and portrait will stand out with our colored powder. Your next photo shoot of, senior pictures, weddings! family portraits, team photos, product advertising, Etc.

Below, are examples in a photo shoot.

PurColour Color Powder Sports Illustrated Cover
#purcolour on the cover of Sports Illustrated


#purcolour used in a photo shoot to promote a season of America’s Next Top Model
PurColour celebration powder
#purcolour powder us at a photo shoot to #trashthedress
A senior photo taken with our powder by www.bellamaliaphotography.com

Your next Photo shoot should include PurColour.

From sports illustrated, to product marketing at Best Buy, to a Toyota commercial, a wedding, a senior pic, several family photos, we have recognized a new trend. These are just some of the examples we have. Black and white portraits were out dated ages ago. Time to have a unique vivid photo.



Photo credit – https://www.facebook.com/BellaMalia/?fref=ts


Winter Colored Powder Fun!

This winter don’t let the snow and cold keep you inside. Instead, embrace the snow and keep having fun outside. A color 5k is a great fundraiser and its a great way to get your friends in the community together. Fundraising and fun should not take the winter off.


A Holiday themed color 5k with PurColour powder
A Holiday themed color 5k with PurColour powder!

In most of the country, the winter is the perfect time for a run. And there is no better way to make your run more exciting then to play with our color products.

Christmas themed colored powder is easy to get your hands on. We have green, we have red, we have neon green and neon red. You make stencils like below, or dye your favorite ugly sweater with exciting color. Or come up with your own fun idea.

PurColour made our own stencil and decorated the parking lot with color. How cool is that!

In the winter the snow is a perfect canvas for our colored powder. And it cleans right up along with the snow. A cheap and easy decoration you don’t have to keep in your storage room year after year, or plug in and raise your bills like crazy.  This is something the whole block will be jealous of.

Call or Email us anytime this winter and we will be happy to advise you on setting up a winter fundraiser like no other or the best way to decorate your snow for the holiday.

It is fun and easy to turn your plain white snow to a rainbow of fun! Your kids will love this.


Product Announcement

Purcolour oobleck

Video Of Oobleck,

Just shine a black light!

Not only is Purcolour oobleck non-staining and available in six vibrant colors, it’s also UV reactive!

Non Newtonian Fluid
PurColour – Oobleck – #purcolour



oobleck made from PurColour



Great for kids! They will be memorized!

To order this and other great products go to www.purcolour.com

We have links to our YouTube below,


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