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Glitter Powder is finally here!!!

Just when you thought PurColour had everything – we are now ready to introduce our best product yet, Glitter Powder! PurColour is thrilled with the way the new product looks and so are our customers who’ve tried it out. It’s time for you to test our glitter powder out yourself! We have all different colors, just […]

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day!

Throw green powder everywhere and make sure no one pinches you for forgetting your green attire. St. Patrick’s Day is filled with friends, family, and much more – so, why not try adding a little kick start to your day by getting green another way. This year use green powder to help kick off the […]

Newer, Brighter, Better – It’s Paint!

PurColour color paint paint party

PurColour Paint is looking better than ever! We have adjusted our paint for the satisfaction of our customers and they have been more than happy with it. So, while you’re covered in powder grab some paint and have fun! The paint will add a great splash of vibrant color and let’s face it – the […]

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